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Parts/Accessories: Bridges


ABM Individual Single-string Bass Bridge, chrome.

Ideally suited for multi-scale Fanned-Fret instruments, individual bridges offer superior crosstalk rejection, and they can accommodate any number of strings and scale lengths, either “lefty” or “righty”. The minimum string spacing is 9/16" or 15mm.

We have a limited quantity at this super-low price: $32.00 ea., including mounting screws and adjustment wrench.

NOVAX Proprietary Individual Single-string Guitar Bridge, chrome or black.

The NOVAX proprietary design guitar bridge is machined brass (not “pot-metal”) and features the classic “3-point support” that has proven reliability, superior stability, and vintage-inspired tone with through-body stringing.

Individual bridges are ideally suited for multi-scale Fanned-Fret instruments because they offer superior crosstalk rejection and can accommodate any scale length combination and any number of strings, “lefty” or “righty”. Minimum string spacing is 3/8" or 10mm.

Set of 6, black or chrome, including mounting screws: $132.00
Set of 7, black or chrome, including mounting screws: $144.00

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