Novax Guitars
The Fanned-Fret® Originators
Ralph Novak, luthier

Novax Guitars: Charlie Hunter 8-String, Multi-Scale, Fanned Fret®

Novax® Guitars was officially founded in 1989 when Ralph Novak was awarded U.S. Patent #4,852,450 for the “Multiple Scale Fretboard”.

After 5 decades of repair, customizing, innovating, and building custom Novax instruments, Ralph is now semi-retired due to deteriorating eyesight caused by macular degeneration.

NOVAX models that have proven popular among players continue to be produced by computerized machinery rather than “by hand” as Novax custom instruments have been painstakingly produced in the past. Ralph continues to be involved in quality control at Novax Guitars and personally does the final set-up for each Novax instrument.