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Novax® Guitars does not have an endorsement policy. Players play Novax® instruments because they like to.

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Don Latarski playing a Novax Guitars Annie
photo: Pete Helzer

Don Latarski and D'Trio playing in Florence, Oregon

Don Latarski at Florence Fest Don Latarski at Florence Fest

Don Latarski trio at Florence Fest

Don Latarski and D'Trio playing in Florence, Oregon (on the coast) at the Wine and Jazz Festival, April 1, 2017

“My trio played a really cool show last Saturday as part of a 2 day festival of wine, art, and jazz over in Florence at the Performing Arts Center. It went really well for us and I had many nice compliments on the guitar. Kathy shot some photos that show the instrument off really well and I had on a complimentary flannel shirt that worked great with the guitar too... I'm still very happy with this instrument and plan on doing some recording with it this summer with Mark and Jason.” – Don Latarski

Charlie Hunter US
"I couldn't do what I do without the Fanned-Frets. You don't even notice them when you play.Your fingers naturally go to the right place."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Josh Owen
Josh Owen
“Hey Ralph, love the guitar, just thought I would send you this photo for a laugh. I wish I had extra independant hands to play it”
Charlie Hunter 8-string
(click photo for large version)

Claude Samson
Claude Samson
“I’ve been fortunate to own a Novax 8-string guitar for over 10 years. The Novax Charlie Hunter 8-string has provided me with the opportunity to follow my vision and creation of the ultimate Electric One Man Band. Amazing work indeed Mr Novax! I love this instrument and would eventually like one custom built for my one man band. I have a whole new album, website and set of professional videos for release. ”

Don Latarski

Randy Bellew
Randy Bellew
Bay area, California

“What a revelation! I love it, couldn’t put it down! Great sound, intonation I didn’t think possible, feel, playability — I could go on and on! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Phil deGruy  Mars
"The letter R in Ralph should have a slash on the bottom right, indicating a prescription symbol..."
17 string Guitarp
7-string classical guitar video
Andrea Pietravalle
Andrea Pietravalle
Rome, Italy

“This great instrument changes your point of view. Listen to its perfect intonation, to the wonderful tone, and let your fingers do what you have only thought about.”
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
“I’ve always loved playing drumset. It is one of the many reasons I love this instrument so much. There's so many ways to approach the CH8. What a concept!”
Charlie Hunter 8-string

John Rewind
"I bounced back and forth between short and long scale guitars for years until I played a Novax, and I've used one ever since. It solved all my comfort and intonation problems. I love it!"

Kate Schutt Canada
"Playing the Novax 8-string is a music-altering experience. Once you put your hands on one, you will never look at, hear, or see music the same way ever again."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Blake Althen US
"The Novax is wonderful for studio musicians and producers who are creating their own music."
Charlie Hunter 8-string, Novax® XR

Nate Lopez
“I love this guitar. Finally I have an instrument that won't hold me back, a life's work. Thank you for that.” and

Mamoru Morishita  Japan
“This is the Lethal Weapon in my guitar life.”

Craig Bachmann 
with his CH8.

“Love this guitar – it is perfect for my music!”

Thomas Mauerhofer, Austria,
with his CH8.
“Great instrument, the more I play it, the more I like it! (which isn't always the case with me and guitars...)”

Michael "Hawkeye" Herman
“My Novax acoustic-electric fanned-fret guitar is a dream come true; it has a warm and full sound in both the acoustic and electric modes, it plays easily and with perfect intonation all the way up the neck, and is beautiful to look at. I couldn't be happier with a guitar.”

Raul Huelves
“This Novax CH8 guitar is one of the most incredible musical instrument I´ve never had on my hands by far.” — Razl

Ben Wolff
“This guitar has changed my life forever! Thank you Ralph and Charlie!”

Ryota Kuriyama
“The possibilities are limitless.”

Jon Morrow
”I've been playing the 8 string for almost 8 years, and I don't know if I would have ever found my musical identity, had you not created this instrument. I've had some incredible opportunities, and I believe that you have given me the gift of finding myself thru this instrument. The are millions of guitar players in the world, and to not feel like I am "just another guitar player" is so humbling and every day I can play, it is validation that I am living my dream... thanks to you.”

Ed Criss
“After 10 years with this amazing bass there is no other instrument that cuts it. Still the best I have ever played. Thanks for a truly custom bass like no other.”

Ian Michael Howard
“This instrument expands the possibilities - It enables me to play the arrangements I previously could only imagine.”
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Ron Butkovich
“If you're not playing a Novax guitar, you're probably not playing in tune.”
Fantail Expression

Joe Louis Walker US
"They're great!"
3 Tribute 6 strings
Fanned-Fret Danelectro,
Baritone Tele
2 Custom Expressions

Torsten Turinsky Germany
"It feels well in my fingers and from the day on, when I bought this guitar, I never touched my other guitars again."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Chris Akin US
"It really, really works! The Novax fan fret system can't be beat... and it cuts millions of julienne fries in only seconds!"
Novax® retrofit bass neck
Custom 4-string
Dingwall Afterburner

Mary Burnley US
"Be brave. Just try it. It's the geatest bass I've had my hands on in 27 years."
Custom 5-string

Ben Cohen Australia
"I'm very happy with it. Its an amazing instrument."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Tim Baurle US
"My Novax 8-strings are works of art. No other instrument inspires, challenges and rewards like a Novax."

2 Charlie Hunter 8-strings

John Gentry US
“I REALLLLY love the new guitar!”

3 custom Tele 7-strings

Dave Creamer US
“It’s the greatest electric guitar on the planet.”
Custom Expression

Robin Lewis US
"Before Novax: Going to gigs and being mobbed by women. After Novax: Going to gigs and being pestered by guitar nerds."
A-X 7-string

Monirak Chakkra Ngy US
"I've waited over half my life to have an instrument that truly complements my style of playing. I honor all of you at Novax."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Pete Morse US
"Ralph has created the ultimate compositional tool. The 8-string is the butter on my toast"
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Andy Schneider US
"This new guitar opens up worlds of possibilities. Every day I find a new avenue to expolore."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Ronald Schmidtz Holland
Charlie Hunter 8-string
"Finally I can play my grand piano! Thanks Mr. Novak and Mr. Hunter."

Brad Jackson US
"This instrument hands down is the best instrument I have ever played. Thanks Novax"
Charlie Hunter 8-string
Eishi Segawa Japan
"Now I got right gravity of my chords. Thank you for Ralph & Charlie."

2 Charlie Hunter 8-strings

Gary Tan Singapore
Novax XR
“I have always wanted an instrument that can help me sound like more than one person when I play. Totally awesome!”

Kelly McCarty US
"Oh man, this is too much fun - it's like having a piano that makes sense to me as a guitar/bass player. . . and with all the crazy technology we have today, I've never heard 'I wish they'd had those when I was kid' as much as I have lately."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Kevin Andreason US
"Ralph Novak, and the Charlie Hunter 8-string guitar have changed my life! I'm doing things I never thought possible. Thanks Novax!"
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Scott Stine US
"I don't leave home without it"
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Jeffrey Hawley US
"It's great to jam with just a drummer and the 8-string"
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Robert McGuire Japan
"This is one fun guitar to play. Great tone, a concise fretboard and killer looks. My only regret is that there aren't enough hours in the day to play it as much as I'd like."
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Bryan Croad US
"The Novax 8-String is the most natural instrument to play, I did a show with it after having it for one day. Jazz gig, or any gig, you don't have to lose your mind finding that bass player now. Hands down, the best quality of any instrument I own."
Charlie Hunter 8-string
The Croad Brothers - Alma Perdida

BillyLee Janey US
"A hallmark instrument which has opened up a new arena of creativity and music"
Charlie Hunter 8-string

Playing a Novax® instrument, even being on this page,
in fact, does not constitute an endorsement.

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