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Charlie Hunter Solidbody 8-string

The Charlie Hunter 8-string guitar is a result of the collaborative design efforts of Charlie Hunter and Ralph Novak. All critical specifications - scale lengths, electronics and pickups, string spacing and neck dimensions - are the same as Charlie Hunter's current instrument. Charlie and Ralph perfected this 8-string guitar by investing years of careful analysis of numerous prototypes. This unique instrument allows you to drive the rhythm section with solid, deep bass while comping or soloing rich guitar riffs at the same time, live. Both registers have clarity and tone unmatched by conventionally fretted instruments thanks to the Fanned-Fret® system. Now, you can explore new musical horizons offered only by the Charlie Hunter 8-string.

To see information about our new Semi-Hollow-Body Charlie Hunter 8-string CLICK HERE

Charlie Hunter Solidbody 8-string

Body wood Swamp Ash, Mahogany or Walnut. To read about how body wood affects tone and see samples of all wood colors Click here
Fretboard wood Ebony (DIAMOND INLAY OPTIONS)
Side dots only (no dots on fretboard)
Electronics Stereo, passive. (VIEW OPTIONS)
Finish Natural satin
Hardware Chrome or Black (optional black upgrade)
Bridge Proprietary Novax individual bridge system

Novax® patented Fanned-Fret® system: for unsurpassed tuning accuracy, ease of playing, solid, deep bass and rich guitar tone.
Individual Bridges: for excellent string-to-string crosstalk rejection giving you a more focused tone. Graphite saddles
Stereo Electronics: Individual outputs for 3 bass strings and 5 guitar strings
Custom Bartolini pickups: Specially designed for the Charlie Hunter 8-string
2 1/16" Nut width

Hear Charlie Hunter play his 8-string. If your interested in seeing the master work out up close, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing "Right Now Live" by the Charlie Hunter Quintet.

Hard shell case included. Shipping not included.

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