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Installing Novax® Nex

Congratulations on selecting a Novax® neck to upgrade the performance of your current instrument! Novax® Nex utilize patented Fanned-Fret™ technology to improve playing comfort, deliver clear, balanced tone and offer unparalleled tuning accuracy.

Novax® Nex are designed to easily retrofit standardized (Fender and clones) guitar and bass models with no permanent modification to the body. The range of adjustment of the stock bridge system will accommodate the scale length requirements of the Novax® neck.
You will need:
1. Appropriate tuners such as Gotoh SG series, Schaller SM series or other high quality tuners.
2. A nut blank made of bone, graphite or other appropriate material

Installation notes

Novax® Nex come finish ready so that you can apply the finish of your choice. Fit the neck to the body prior to finishing. Allow sufficient clearance to accommodate your finish.
We recommend installation of the nut, tuners and neck-to-body by a qualified repair technician.
The frets have been leveled, rounded and polished for maximum playability.
The heel of the neck is rounded for a snug fit in most bodies. The production specifications for various bodies have changed a bit over years therefore the heel size may be a bit tight. This is easily remedied by sanding on the treble side of the heel using a sanding block to retain flatness.

Mark the neck with a pencil on the treble side where it contacts the body.

With a sanding block, sand the treble side where it contacts the body.

The truss rod comes rough adjusted to accommodate enough string tension so that the nut slots can be approximately cut. The truss rod can be fine adjusted for your string preference after the nut height and action have been set.

Intonation on Tele with .010 gauge strings and medium action. The intonation on a Strat would look very similar.

Intonation is adjusted in the typical way, using the 12th fret harmonic sounding against the string fretted at the 12th fret. A tuner is recommended. Also we recommend checking this adjustment against the 19th fret harmonic and fretted note. This will ensure the tuning accuracy. The saddle for the high E and B string on the guitar (G on bass instruments) may need a longer intonation screw to allow the saddle to move forward farther on the bridge base plate. USA made Fender instruments will use a 4-40 screw (included). Imports and clones may use metric sizes. In some cases the spring may need to be removed from the low E string saddle to allow it to move farther back.

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