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“ANNIE” - Novax 25th Anniversary commemorative guitar

Sassy Annie - Buttercream

Sweet Annie - Admiral Blue

Sassy Annie - Cinnamon Red

Sassy Annie - Natural Swamp Ash

Sweet Annie - Cherry Mahogany

Sweet Annie - Natural Mahogany


Novax Guitars proudly presents “ANNIE”, our 25th Anniversary commemorative guitar. This Limited Edition guitar is the embodiment of 40+ years of lutherie experience and 25+ years of multi-scale “Fanned-Fret” design.

Inspired by iconic designs, both ANNIES are the modern evolution of two popular classics, with enhanced performance features like multi-scale Fanned-Fret tone and individual bridges.

1) “SWEET ANNIE”: maple neck/mahogany body/two custom-voiced Bartolini “soapbar” pickups, and a new proprietary 5-way switching circuit for 5 distinct, sparkling clear tones.

2) “SASSY ANNIE”: maple neck/swamp ash body/three single-coil pickups by Lollar or Bartolini.

All ANNIES have the following features:

  • Exciting to play with amazing response to player touch
  • Stunningly accurate tuning
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Solid hardwoods
  • Top quality components
  • Novax proprietary individual bridges
  • GraphTech “StringSaver” saddles
  • Sparkling clear note definition
  • Comfortable, ergonomic playability
  • Custom scale lengths for a wide range of altered tunings
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Pearl dot inlay
  • Jumbo frets
  • Pickups by Lollar or Bartolini
  • Hardshell case included

Our Annies have been very well received, thank you!
We’re extending the production of our Annies due to their popularity.
The neck for our Sweet Annie is now maple rather than mahogany, all other specifications remain the same for both models.



We have 6 remaining of the original 25th Anniversary signed “Anniess” that can be ordered in a custom color. Therefore, we can only accept custom color orders through July. We are considering extending the run of these popular guitars, and will keep you updated regarding these plans.

Swamp Ash Wood Tones

  • Natural
  • Amber
  • Autumn Mist Sunburst

Mahogany Wood Tones

  • Natural
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate


SASSY ANNIE can be ordered with:

  • Lollar “Blonde” set
  • Lollar “Blackface” set
  • Bartolini 3XQ set

All sets are true single-coil, with hum-cancelling combinations of neck&middle and bridge&middle.

SWEET ANNIE has two custom-voiced, hum-cancelling Bartolini “soapbar” pickups, with our proprietary circuit designed specially for this model. This unique circuit has 5 distinct tones; it alters the voicing of the pickups to have more “single coil” flavor in position #2, 3 and 4, enhancing sparkle and definition.

This is a highly versatile tone combination, with rich, warm “humbucking” tones and shimmering “single-coil” tones at your fingertips. These unique “open voiced” tones are not available with more common “coil-tapping” circuits and are hum-cancelled in all positions.

A word about our proprietary individual bridges:

  • Individual bridges enhance string definition, isolating each string's vibration. This minimizes the “string-to-string crosstalk” common in single-unit designs. More simply, it cuts “muddy tone”.
  • Light-weight and responsive to the nuances of player “touch”, you hear the wood, not a massive chunk of metal.
  • Additionally, we use GraphTech “StringSaver” saddles for longer string life.

You'll love your Annie!


Shipping not included.

To review our 1-year guarantee and see all the guitars we currently have in stock, please see our Showroom page.

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Don Latarski demonstrates the amazing and versatile Annie, the 25th anniversary model.
Don Latarski is head of Guitar Studies at the University of Oregon, Eugene..


Premier Guitar gave our Sweet Annie model an excellent review - actually even better in print than on-line. The on-line review rates it 4 out of 5 "picks" in all 4 categories, the print version rates it 4 1/2 "picks" in 3 of the 4 categories.

Read the review online >

Shawn Hammond of Premiere Guitar interviews Ralph Novak and Don Latarski about the limited edition 25th Anniversary Annie models at NAMM 2014.

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