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Instrument Models: Basses 4-5-String

specifications and examples of available builds

Mo'B Bass

“The tone of an instrument originates with the string, and the primary factor that controls string tone is scale length.” — From Scale Length and Tone by Ralph Novak.

Bass players that are looking for a B-string that is fat, rich and full will find it on the Novax® Mo’B Bass. With a 36” scale length, this B-string has voice definition impossible on a “short scale” 35” 5-string. The G string is sweeter too, because of its shorter scale. In fact, the Mo’B Bass has 5 scale lengths so each string sings with its own ideal voice giving the instrument intonation you can put up against a grand piano. Using his patented Fanned-Fret® system, Ralph Novak hand builds every Mo’B bass to have beautifully balanced tone and string tension not available by design on any conventionally fretted bass.

Body wood Swamp ash, Mahogany or Walnut
Neck Maple, Paduak (add $125.00)
Fretboard wood Purple heart, Paduak or Ebony (add $75.00)
Electronics Active circuitry
Finish Clear, Amber
Hardware Chrome, Black (add $90.00) or Gold (add $120.00)

Novax® patented Fanned-Fret® system: for unsurpassed tuning accuracy, ease of playing and solid, deep tone from B to G.
Individual Bridges: for excellent string-to-string crosstalk rejection giving you a more focused tone.
Active Electronics: Higher gain and buffered output with 18db cut/boost for both treble and bass
Bartolini pickups: for extended bass frequency response in high fidelity to capture the rich, low authority of the Fanned-Fret® system.
Hand Carved Body: Each bass is individually, uniquely crafted by hand.
Ergonomic shape: Contoured for comfort, shaped for balance.

Price: $2800.00 (US). Hard shell case included. Shipping not included.

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